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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  March 16, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome into the journal on dw. i am sabrina in berlin. eurozone finance ministers agreed to a bailout for cyprus. zimbabwe voting on a new reduceution that would the powers of robert mugabe. they can be experienced from the inside. [captions made possible by kcet television]
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>> we begin in brussels where the eurozone struck a deal early saturday morning to make cyprus the fifth european country to receive a bailout. negotiations dragged on for 10 hours. levied forbe a tax all deposits in cyprus banks. their russian the but the bailout deal in place before the banks reopen on tuesday. -- they are rushing to put the bailout in place. >> following news of the bailout news, lines formed at the atm try to avoid the levy. this affects everyone with a bank account. those with deposits on the island have to pay the levy between 6.75%-9.9%. program, wepecific
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found it justified in terms of burden sharing to also involved the depositors. in a levy difference but under $100,000. >> germany have long delayed it endorsing the bailout. now, chancellor angela merkel says she has decided. way, the people responsible for this situation are involved, not just taxpayers in other countries. i think it's good we have taken this step. it's a good step that made our approval for the aid of cyprus much easier. >> the cost of the aid package is now much lower than previously expected, only 10 billion euro. lawmakers in each eurozone country have to give a final stamp of approval. >> the newly elected pope has given his clearest indication
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yet that the catholic church should show more humility. in front of a larger gathering of journalists, he says they want to concentrate on serving the needs of the poor. of catholicsands are expected to turn out to hear him speak. the united nations has adopted a plan to combat violence against women and girls. the head of the u.n. women's agency said was aimed at tackling one of the gravest of violations of human rights. 131 countries approve the accord despite strong objections from the muslim brotherhood. it rejects any justification of violence and the u.n. estimates two in five women will experience violence in their lifetime. outgoing canyon prime minister odinga has challenged the
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results of the presidential race accusing his rival of vote rigging. he and his supporters gathered to back the call. police reportedly used teargas to disperse the rally. he says the new electronic voting system was to blame for him losing to uhura kenyatta. voting on a presidential referendum to pave the way for elections later this year, the rival political properties at st. mugabe and the opponent are both backing it. this would restrict the ability to pass off tartarian decrees and would also pave the way for a national peace and reconciliation commission on human rights violation. critics doubt that it would protect people from abuses of presidential power.
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"supporters of the new constitution say it will grant zimbabweans war democracy. for three decades, robert mugabe has ruled the country with an iron fist. it is a rain is coming hand in hand with violent unrest. he has urged his supporters to vote yes even though the new constitution is supposed to curb his powers. >> we are all zimbabwean is. decide our destiny. >> his main opposition rival has also abdicated -- advocated a yes vote. >> rest in peace. this is an important they that we have been fighting for.
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>> many civil-rights activists are calling for a no vote. they say it does not sufficiently limit his powers. >> the draft being put together says it more authority vests with the president. >> the referendum results are expected within five days. it will be months before gesture political impact can accurately be assessed. >> we will take a look at the latest bundesleague action in a moment, but here's a look at what else is making news. the united states has announced plans to bolster missile defense and alaska by the end of 2017. washington is cancelling part of the european missile defense plan. defense secretary chou cables as the changes reflect -- chuck
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hagel says it reflects threats from south korea. french tourists have been in gang raped in india. a woman was camping with her husband went men wielding sticks attack the couple. this come three months after a 23-year-old girl was gang raped in delhi in a case that sparked international outrage. the defending champions, dortmund, came from behind to deliver a 5-1 victory. they were on fire and he had backed two goals. he has now set a club record scoring in eight consecutive games. here the top scorer so far this season with 19. let's take a look at all the results from this week's action.
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with an upset win. it was scoreless for hoffenheim. brehmen drew at 2 all. leverkusen are still out on the pitch. was a clash match for survival. there are dangerously close to the drop zone and both teams desperately needed to win. >> the match started as a one- way affair. rodriguez from long range -- and lucky. then dusseldorf appeared in front of the golan were immediately reboarded putting them ahead in the 37th minute. the defense kept a respectful distance. early in the second half, another undisturbed attack and another goal.
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that was the final score. schering the points and they're both moving a stall slept -- step clear of relegation. >> let's check on the standings. around 26 is still incomplete. munich remaining at the top with a huge lead over second leaddortmund followed by leverkusen. still in the danger zone. hoffenheim continuing to bring up the rear. formula one, the final two qualifying sessions have been postponed because of heavy rains. the steady downpour made for chaotic driving conditions in this session, the only one that they were allowed to finish. several drivers and out of control. brazilian was fortunate to escape this accident with no injuries.
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the race in australia is the first of 19 grand prix's this season, one less than last year and financial trouble means only 11 teams will be competing instead of 12. the fans are gearing up for an exciting season. red bold vs ferrari. two of the biggest rivals. both teams can agree on at least one thing. >> we face a very unpredictable season with a car is more or less on the same level. >> the rules have not changed this year, as you can expect the races to be a lot closer. everyone has time to copy everyone else so they are just as fast as each other. variableis still one in the equation.
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>> tires. at the moment, we cannot really see pass that. >> formula one officials asked perrelli to come up with a new rubber material making it softer but it's proving to be a tough adjustment for the drivers. >> the first four-six races will be important to have a good feeling with the tire and understand how it's working. reliability and all the things we will need. >> there will not be much technical logical of development. but a lot will change. -- there will not be a lot of technological development. it will be the skills of the driver is deciding the races, more now than ever before. toand now from motor sports winter sports. alpine skiing wrapping up with the final world cup event in switzerland.
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her hopes for a fourth crystal globe in the women's slalom were dashed by an american teenager. joy.ars of the 18-rolled american overcame a massive deficit to beat the rival who has dominated the slopes this winter. after the first-round, she was behind the slovenian. she blazed down the course for the afternoon's fastest time. the austrian finished second followed by the favorite who had already clinched the overall world club title along with the super g discipline. >> she's probably going to punch me after this. she has helped me get to where i am. moving up seventh and the second overall. she was distraught after squandering her huge lead.
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she was beaming with her crystal globe. >> congratulations. iconic installation artist is back in germany. he is just unavailing his latest works, a big air package. it is his monumental new installation now open to the public in the city. this time, art lovers are invited to experience his works, not just from the outside, but from within. >> it looks like a hot air balloon inside. the cereal packages 90 meters high and 50 wide made a translucent material and filled with air. visitors can walk around inside. >> basically, what we love in the space is that the light is
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in a verythe traffic unexpected way. you cannot predict this by looking outside. >> he spent three years working with balloon builders to prepare this inside the industrial landmark. it required enough fabric to cover three soccer fields and for thousand meters of rope. -- 4,000 meteres of rope. this 1995 wrapping of the reichstag in berlin. this is his first worked since her death three years ago and this one is only temporary. in december, this magical chamber will become air and cloth once again. >> find out more on all of our stories on our web site,
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we will be back with more at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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>> catholic pilgrims began arriving in rome. they are from south west germany. the atmosphere is relaxed, for now. who could be in that limousine? perhaps a cardinal right candidate for pope. tv crews are primed for the portrait shot. cameras and microphones at the ready. maybe they will catch an important interview. the world media is focused on st. peter's square. room is bracing for two days of high excitement. the conclave has begun.
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the german correspondent here has a mountain of work ahead. he says it is a tense situation because no one knows what will happen in, whether there will be a sensationalize scandal. no one knows whether the technical side will function and whether there will be a good line to berlin. and when 100,000 people start sending text messages and emails, will the lines hold up? there are many potential pitfalls. most importantly, no one knows who will be pope. his nerves, christoph is an experienced reporter. as deutsche welle's
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correspondent, he is used to big stories. soon, he will be crossing to berlin. it the crowds are already gathering in st. peter's square staking out the best vantage point. even public viewing areas just like the world cup. cardinals take part of a mass before they head into the conclave. the images are being beamed around the world. one of the 115 cardinals will become the new pope. speculation is rife about who it could be.
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everyone has an opinion. church leader of the will carry the hopes of catholics everywhere. this german pilgrim says he expects a new pope will reform and modernize the church. he wants them to answer people's questions. a new one may herald a change for the catholic church. many say they would support a move towards reform. some predictions proved amazingly accurate. this man says he hopes the new pope will be franciscan. others may even have inside information from above. >> this program says there has never been a pulp of the name of francis. that would be a true sign of change.
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he could be called francis i. american, german, it is not important. he should simply be pope and be healthy. all italians want an italian pope, but whoever it is will be ok. tv crews are camped out around the square. a great live shot means a great position. it is time to cross over to berlin. dw anchors asked about the atmosphere in rome. he said the excitement is palpable around st. peter's
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square fell through the huge media presence. you cannot go through the square without passing a three, four, five cameras. this is the first of many interviews with correspondents in rome. from the rooftops, broadcasts run around the clock. christoph says it's like a battle. everyone has their troops. they come together from around the world. many here are italian and. they always come to big events and worked professionally. somehow, but it all works together. allrters have come from corners of the globe. there are media occupying every
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viewpoint. they are shot by the vatican and made available to all broadcasting. cardinals enter the sistine chapel. the conclave is beginning. but as for were now to wednesday evening, the second day of the conclave. the excitement is building. no smoke yet. the waiting continues. not even rain can dampen the pilgrim's spirit. the german group says it does not get any better than this. it is historical and there are standing in rome. black smoke billowing from the
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chimney. no pope has been chosen. time for another interview. the tension is mounting. which cardinal world -- will they choose? which country will lay claim to the pontiff? team is prepared, but what color will the smoke be? [cheers] >> white, white, white. hallo? it's white. white white! >> he is in no doubt. white, white, white. [cheers] this woman says she is overjoyed. the tension and the waiting are over. she hopes the pope's is on gary and because she is from hungary. -- she hopes the pope is
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hungarian. [cheers] >> christoph says they have always hoped for an italian pope. this time that may happen and, hence the excitement. the waiting continues for an hour but it seems like an eternity. an announcement is expected soon. correspondents are at the ready. [applause] [cheers]
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>> confirming it is jorge bergolio, a latin american. choice no one, a had anticipated. [cheers] -- a few pilgrims
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claimed to know what all along. is asked what to expect of the papacy. he says, the name always indicate the direction. it means a stronger push towards helping the poor. they will stand by those who have no voice internationally or in their own country. pope francis is said to be modest and down to earth. his election as celebrated by many of the catholic faithful. that includes pilgrims in rome. simply man says he is overcome. he never thought he would experience anything like this. to be a part of it is incredible.
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>> this woman says was a wonderful experience that left a great impression. she is pleased the new pope as south american. >> a new pope! yay! >> the vatican delivering two days of high drama after the resignation of pope benedict xvi. it is a historic moment for christoph. even though, he's glad it's over. he says, these were exciting days but also extremely hectic and physically exhausting and. there were taken by surprise by the white smoke can know when expected cardinal bergoglio. everything worked out. we worked together really well as a team. international colleagues worked well together and everyone had fun.
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it seems christoph finally has time to relax again.
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